Karnataka Chicken Curry

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1/2   kg Chicken
1     Chopped Onion
1     Chopped tomato
2     Cloves
1     tsp Cumin seeds
1     Cinnamom stick
3     garlic pieces
1     tsp black pepper
3     dry chilli
1     cup grated coconut
5     tsp oil


* Heat the pan ,then fry cloves,cumin,cinnamom,garlic,pepper and coconut,then grind it well,make masala.(without oil)
* Heat the pan with oil then put chopped onion till get slightly brown color.
* Then add tomato,curry leaves cooked for 2 mints.
* Then add chicken and grinded masala and salt.Stir it well.
* Add 1 cup of water,It allow to cook 20 mints.Turnoff the flame.
* Garnish with coriander leaves.
* This is very popular karnataka chicken curry.

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